Results of the 2021 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH)


The five (5) domains collectively comprise 34 strands that refer to specific dimensions of school leadership practices.

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Domain 1: Leading Strategically

Domain 1, Leading Strategically, highlights the role of school heads in setting the direction, goals, and objectives of schools, and in ensuring that these are understood and embraced by all stakeholders. This Domain encompasses the school heads’ commitment to a strategic course of action consistent with institutional goals towards maximizing organizational performance.

In this domain, school heads are expected to identify and comprehend relevant sources of information such as existing laws, policies, research, feedback and contexts, and establish their connections and alignment. School heads should have a complete understanding of schools’ current and desired states. They should support in executing various collaborative strategies with stakeholders to respond appropriately to the dynamic and rapidly evolving needs of schools.

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Domain 2: Managing School Operations and Resources

Domain 2, Managing School Operations and Resources, centers on the role of school heads in managing systems and processes in schools. This Domain highlights the school heads’ commitment to ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness in discharging functions towards maximizing organizational health.

In this domain, school heads understand and implement laws, policies, guidelines, and issuances that relate to the management of human, financial, and material resources. They should provide support in establishing a culture of transparency and accountability in the continuous delivery of basic education services.

Domain 3: Focusing on Teaching and Learning

Domain 3, Focusing on Teaching and Learning, concentrates on the work of school heads in promoting quality teaching and learning. This Domain emphasizes the school heads’ commitment to providing instructional leadership towards improving competence among teachers and outcomes among learners.

In this domain, school heads are expected to provide technical assistance on instruction that relates to curriculum, practice, and performance. They should also create a learner-centered environment that ensures access to inclusive, excellent, relevant, and liberating education.

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Domain 4: Developing Self and Others

Domain 4, Developing Self and Others recognize the role of school heads in nurturing themselves and others.

This Domain centers on the school heads’ commitment to ensuring people and team effectiveness.

In this domain, school heads are expected to reflect on their personal and professional development to enhance their practice in leading and developing people as they support their personnel’s professional development and welfare. They should provide others the means for development such as opportunities to learn, reflect, lead and progress in their profession.

Domain 5: Building Connections

Domain 5, Building Connections, underscores the school heads’ competence in engaging stakeholders in initiatives towards the improvement of school communities. This domain points to the school heads’ commitment in advocating that education is everyone’s responsibility.

In this domain, school heads are expected to be responsible and accountable for inculcating a deeper understanding of the vision, mission and core values, and directions of the school to relevant entities. They possess skills in relating with, dealing with, and forging relationships with people. They should be able to build relationships with individuals and organizations anchored on mutual trust, honesty, openness, respect, and commitment towards sharing the same vision for the attainment of institutional goals.

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