Results of the 2021 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH)


The PPSSH defines professional standards that constitute a quality school head. It shall serve as a public statement of professional accountability of school heads. It sets out what school heads are expected to know, be able to do, and value as they progress in their profession.

It provides a common language for high-impact leadership expected of school heads to guide individual professional reflections, as well as professional discussions among educational leaders and other stakeholders, and to inform the provision of professional learning and development for school heads.

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PPSSH is learner-centered.

This principle states that the learner is the heart of educational supervision. School heads are expected to “foster safe, caring and supportive school learning communities and promote rigorous curricula, instructional and assessment systems” (National Policy Board for Educational Administration, 2015, p. 4).

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PPSSH emphasizes building and strengthening a network of stakeholders for school and people effectiveness.

This principle requires school heads to “build and strengthen a network of organizational supports—the professional capacity of teachers and staff, the professional community in which they learn and work, family and community engagement, and effective, efficient management and operations of the school” (National Policy Board for Educational Administration, 2015, p. 4).

PPSSH reflects the understanding of problems and issues at the school and the need to address them.

This principle states that school heads are expected to reflect on the pervasive needs and/or concerns of learners, teachers, parents, community, and other stakeholders in order to address them effectively.

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PPSSH focuses on developing high-quality instruction, developing strong school culture, and ensuring job-embedded professional development for school personnel.

This principle revolves around the idea that school heads are responsible for developing people (such as teachers and the community) and improving school practices by addressing the professional and personal needs of teachers and enhancing the school’s learning environment.

PPSSH reflects values and concepts important in promoting school success.

This principle highlights the importance of promoting the stated values and concepts at the school level in order to foster a high level of commitment among stakeholders.

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PPSSH regards supervision as a crucial organizational behavior in school management.

This principle highlights the relevance of supervision in setting directions in the school to achieve its goals and objectives for the benefit of the learners.

PPSSH highlights the importance of accountability and transparency of school heads.

This principle states that the decisions and actions of school heads are open to public scrutiny and the public has a right to access information. School heads acknowledge and assume responsibility and have the obligation to report, explain, and be answerable for their actions, products, decisions, and policies (RA 9155, Chapter 1, Section 5).

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PPSSH is anchored on the principles of inclusivity.

The principles of inclusivity recognize the unique and specific needs of individuals and groups in learning and work environments. They affirm and accommodate diversity arising from, but not limited to, religious, cultural, linguistic, and gender differences.